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6 Pack Beer Soap

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6 Pack Beer Soap

Grab a 6 pack of our Awesome Beer Soap

Pack includes
1x Outlaw Ber Soap
1x Convict Beer Soap
1x Moondyne Joe Beer Soap
1x Bootleg Beer Soap
2x Wild West Beer Soap

Did you know Hops, an ingredient in beer, contains skin softening amino acids which can soothe irritated and inflamed skin. The brewer’s yeast in beer acts as an antibacterial agent, great for combating acne. Beer also contains vitamin B and other essential vitamins which further moisturizes the skin.

To find out more about the awesome Beer from Bootleg Brewery in Margaret River, WA, head over to their website or even better why not pay them a visit and have a beer or two.

Approx 110gms

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